Stop Applying and Removing Makeup Every Day

Stop Applying and Removing Makeup Every Day

Invest in permanent makeup through Mes Ami Salon & Spa

Are you tired of applying eyeliner, mascara or eyebrow pencil every day? Do you feel naked or embarrassed without makeup? Many other people feel the same way. Fortunately, there's a permanent solution to your makeup woes. Permanent makeup can give you the confidence to go out without an extensive makeup routine.

You're a good candidate for permanent makeup if you:

  • Have very light or sparse eyebrows
  • Have light-colored eyelashes
  • Have thin or no eyelashes

Ask about permanent makeup when you visit Mes Amis Cheveux Salon & Spa.

How does the procedure work?

The application of permanent makeup is fairly simple. A process called microblading, which is similar to tattooing, is used to deposit pigment into the skin. That pigment can create permanent eyeliner, eyelashes or eyebrows. It's a very natural look-like well-applied makeup. No one will know you have permanent makeup on unless you tell them.

If you're tired of applying false eyelashes or drawing your eyebrows on, permanent makeup may be an option for you. It's especially helpful for those who are allergic to cosmetics or have an impairment that makes makeup application difficult.

Schedule a consultation regarding permanent makeup as soon as possible.